Pump T40

Pump T40


Suited for decanting wine and alimentary liquids, it is particulary fit for filling demijohns and containers in general.

Suction is possible in both directions.

The rubber impellers prevent the shaking of the decanted liquids.

It works at low r.p.m., the flow is steady and quite gentle and according to its principle of working this pump can be called a "rotary piston pump".

Available without trolley or with trolley in the Export model, with or without bypass.


  T40 without trolley

T40 Export with trolley

r.p.m. 900 900
Flowrate 53 hl/hour 53 hl/hour
Pression 4 bar 4 bar
Dimensions 335x240x330 mm 500x300x670 mm
Weight kg 16,8 kg 17,4
Motore 3 ph - Kw 0,9 3 ph - Kw 0,9
1 ph - Kw 0,9 1 ph - Kw 0,9


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