Plate filter 60x60 CFP

Plate filter 60x60 CFP


The plate filter 60x60 is built in all its parts in stainless steel, is mounted on wheels, has drip tray in stainless steel, the closure of the filter unit takes place by means of a central screw in stainless steel. The plates are in polypropylene for food (600 x 600 mm), or Noryl, Moplen or Stainless Steel 316, is equipped with pressure gauges, valves and specule liquid control.


  • Stainless steel frame made of Aisi 304
  • Manual hydraulic close
  • Head and mobile plate thickness 60mm
  • Pipings made of stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Sight-gauge mounted on inlet and outlet
  • Butterfly valves mounted on inlet and outlet
  • Fittings DN 65 mm
  • Drip tray in stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Discharge of drip tray through butterfly valve Scarico vasca con valvola a farfalla raccordo DN 25 mm

 CFP MP04 davanti 400x400

CF 60x60 with polypropylene plates

 CFP MP04 400x400

CF 60x60 side view


CFP MP04 dietro 400x400

CF 60x60 rear view

CFP 60x60 100p 400x400

CF 60x60 frame for 100 plates, with 100 plates Aisi 316


 60x60 s.steel plates

Details of plates inox A316 60x60


N. paper filters
40 60 80 100 150
Dim. papers 600x600 mm 600x600 mm 600x600 mm 600x600 mm 600x600 mm
Filtrating surface
13,5 m2 20 m2 27 m2 33,5 m2 47 m2
Hourly production
10800 Lt/H 16000 Lt/H 21600 Lt/H 26800 Lt/H 37600 Lt/H
Dimensions 2450x850x1410 mm 2800x850x1410 mm 3150x850x1410 mm 3500x850x1410 mm 4200x850x1410 mm
Weight Kg 1110 Kg 1290 Kg 1470 Kg 1650 Kg 2190


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