Microfiltration, filters

Microfiltration, filters "Micro"


The Micro filters are made in stainless steel AISI 316.

Standard accessories: Pall end with complete upper group (sight glass and manometer) and complete with butterfly valves with handle DIN male.






Micro 1 1000 Lt/H 1x750 mm DIN 25 230x1500 mm
Micro 3 3000 Lt/H 3x750 mm DIN 40 250x1600 mm
Micro 5 5000 Lt/H 5x750 mm DIN 40 250x1600 mm
Micro 8 8000 Lt/H 8x750 mm DIN 50 360x1650 mm
Micro 12 12000 Lt/H 12x750 mm DIN 50 360x1650 mm
Micro 18 18000 Lt/H 18x750 mm DIN 50 500x1750 mm

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