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Lobe pumps

Lobe pumps


Our lobe pumps are ideal for fluid as well as dense product transfer in the following commercial sectors: oenological, drinks, preserved foodstuffs, foodstuffs in general.
Entirely made of stainless steel. The EPDM lobes turns conveys the fluid through mobile compartments, which are created by the movement, without centrifugating the product and leaving it unspoilt.


Characteristics :

  • Compact dimensions
  • Self-priming up to 8 meters prevalence
  • Dry running capacity for short periods
  • Reversible flow in both directions of travel
  • Easy to clean and maintain without removing the pipes
  • Pump body in Aisi 304
  • Lobes with EPDM / NBR rubber coating
  • DIN or Garolla fittings
  • Flow rate regulation by inverter
  • Electrical panel with PLC, with the possibility of adjusting various functions of use of the pump.

 Pompa Lobi 400x400



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