Horizontal pneumatic press Pn-Zeta

Horizontal pneumatic press Pn-Zeta


The Pneumatic Presses "PnZeta" are entirely built in AISI 304 stainless steel. Any high quality components that we use (e.g. Becker compressors, Bonfiglioli reduction units etc.) are standard, and are pivoting, braking wheels.

Through a soft and gentle pressing of the membrane, our pneumatic presses PN ZETA play an important role in the production of top quality wines. They can press grapes in bunches, destemmed and fermented grapes and raisins at a very high hourly output.

Their loading can take place through one or several doors or through a axial loading. The press tanks are entirely closed, thus limiting the oxidation of the product and guaranteeing a very high quality of the must. The flow of the must takes place through inner drains and through the perforated loading door.

The new control board of the press is equipped with a PLC which is pre-programmed with 6 work cycles and 3 customizable cycles ; their run duration can be customized and all working processes can also be manually controlled.

There is also the possibility to mount watertight doors for carbonic maceration.

On request can be supplied the machine with perforated tank.


  • Open cylinder, wthout draining channels
  • Small drip tray mounted on machine frame
  • Frame can be manufacture higher for unloading on bins or conveyors
  • Electric float on drip tray with possibility to connect impeller transfer pump


valvola 150x150          membrana 150x150


 PnZeta6HL 400x400

Pn Zeta HL6 standard model

HL32 400x400

Pn Zeta HL 32 standard model

pnzeta 14HL 400x400

 Versione "TOP" (model HL14)

pnzeta 14hl lato 400x400

 Versione "TOP" (model HL14)

HL80 400x400

 Versione "TOP" (model HL 80)

HL 80 400x400

 Versione "TOP" (model HL 80)



  Capacity of loading whole grapes  Capacity of loading destemmed grapes
Capacity of loading fermented grapes
Ø axial loading valve

Door dimension



PnZeta 6 450 Kg 800÷900 Kg 900÷1000 Kg 80 mm 600x470 mm 2000x1100x1350 mm 365 Kg
PnZeta 10 800 Kg 1500÷1600 Kg 1600÷1700 Kg 80 mm 700x470 mm 2500x12000x1440 mm 520 Kg
PnZeta 14 1000 Kg 2100÷2200 Kg 2200÷2300 Kg 80 mm 700x470 mm 2650x1300x1540 mm 470 Kg
PnZeta 17 1200 Kg 2600÷2700 Kg 2700÷2800 Kg 100 mm 700x470 mm 2750x1500x1600 mm 730 Kg
PnZeta 22 1600 Kg 3300÷3400 Kg 3500÷3600 Kg 100 mm n. 2 500x470 mm 3200x1500x1650 mm 805 Kg
PnZeta 27 2000 Kg 4200÷4300 Kg 4400÷4500 Kg 100 mm n. 2 500x470 mm 3250x1600x1770 mm 988 Kg
PnZeta 32 2200 Kg 4800÷4900 Kg 5200÷5500 Kg 100 mm n. 2 600x470 mm 3750x1600x1800 mm 1530 Kg
PnZeta 50 3500 Kg 7500÷8000 Kg 8200÷9000 Kg 100 mm n. 2 700x470 mm 4400x1800x2250 mm 1880 Kg
PnZeta 80 
5600 Kg 12500÷13000 Kg 13500÷14000 Kg 100 mm n. 2 700x470 mm 5500x1950x2400 mm 3000 Kg
PnZeta 100 coming soon          

You can customize our presses depending on your needs, are also available, on request, presses with higher capacity.


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