Vertical presse Aton

Vertical presse Aton


The hydraulic vertical presses "ATON" are standard supplied with a stainless steel basin and they stand out for their special constructive innovation: with only one trolley and suitable stands you may either move the whole press or use more cages for each working cycle.

The oleodinamic gearbox is fitted out with a microcontacts gauge which automatically controls both the stop and the restart of the pump at the pressure you choose: 0 to 350 Bar.
In the threephase version, the pump is equipped with a 2 speed electric motor which allows the swift going and the return of the piston, thus remarkably reducing the working time.

italia aperta

Aton700 with cage, basin and pressing plate in stainless steel AISI 304

cavalletto italiaStand with wood cage (optional)

  ATON 600 ATON 700 ATON 800
Motor monofase/trifase monofase/trifase monofase/trifase
Pressure 350 BAR 350 BAR 350 BAR
Piston stroke
600 mm 650 mm 750 mm
Ø Piston 90 mm 110 mm 120 mm
Cage capacity
220 Lt 330 Lt 480 Lt
Cage dimensions
Ø600x750 mm Ø700x850 mm Ø800x950 mm
Dimensions 1400x1150x2290 mm 1550x1400x2460 mm 1680x1500x2730 mm
Weight 405 Kg 650 Kg 780 Kg

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