Press filters 400x400, 500x500, 630x630

Press filters 400x400, 500x500, 630x630 "HF" series


The filter presses series "HF" are available in three sizes: 400x400, 500x500, 630x630.

The frame is constructed in all its parts in stainless steel, is mounted on wheels, has drip tray made of stainless steel, the closure of the filter unit takes place by use of a hydraulic closure with a manual or electric hydraulic closure (optional). The plates are in polypropylene for food use as well as filter cloths. E 'equipped with ball valves product inlet / outlet, pressure gauges for pressure display incoming / outgoing product.


  • Aisi 304 stainless steel frame
  • Manual hydraulic closing
  • Pistons feeding pump, stainless steel aisi 304
  • Expansion vase
  • Pressure switch
  • Ball valves inlet/outlet
  • Fittings DN 40mm for the 400x400, DN 50mm and 60mm for bigger models
  • Drip pan made of stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Discharge valve on drip pan with butterfly valve DN 25 mm


  • Electric hydraulic close
  • Version for wine, predisposition to use plates with paper filters (solo versione 400x400)
  • Extension
  • Sensor against dry running

 Filtro HF43 f 400x400

HF 400x400 yeast version, frame for 30 plates, complete with press plates.

Filtro HF43 400x400

HF 400x400 yeast version,manual hydraulic close

 Filtro Pressa Cartoni versione HF43 400x400

HF 400x400 combined model for press and carton filtration


HF 50x50 400x400

HF 500x500 frame for 30 plates

HF66 400x400

HF 630X630 frame for 60 plates

Filtro HF64 400x400

HF 630x630 frame for 40 plates, complete with 30 plates and extension

hf60x60 400x400

HF 630x630 frame for 60 plates, complete with plates


  HF42D HF43D HF44D
Plates number 20 30 40
Plates dimension
400x400 mm 400x400 mm 400x400 mm
Filtrating surface
4,8 m2 7,2 m2 9,6 m2
Dimensioni 2400x700x1400 mm 3000x700x1400 mm 360x700x1400 mm
Peso telaio
Kg 217 Kg 255 Kg 280

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