Conveyor belt for pressesd pomace extract


"Redler" type chain conveyor belts/lifts to convey pomace extract from pneumatic presses or continuous presses.
Material is conveyed by powered blades driven by two chains on the sides which, since equipped with delerin rollers, slide in suitable lateral tracks. Blade movement slides pomace extract on the stainless steel surface. This solution allows for long conveyor sections and a single machine to be used to complete both horizontal and tilted segments. Solution not suited for rubber or PVC conveyor belts.
The lower chain segment is equipped with removable panels to recover any pomace that may detach from blades.
Metalwork, drive rollers, chains, blades and support trestle made of AISI304 steel. This solution ensures durability, hygiene and weather resistance.


Nastro Vinaccia 400x400


Dimensions can be customized depending on customer needs.






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