Capsuleheat shrinker


capsule heat shrinkerfor PVC capsule

Practical and easy to use, it allows you to apply on the neck of the bottle capsule with a single step, so that it adheres perfectly.


PHON1 400x400  Phon 1


PHON 1 PLUSPhon 1 Plus


 Features version hairdryer:

  • Equipped with drier to convey heat down
  • Coil and insulating handle
  • Power supply 220 V

The advantage of this capper is not to be subject to overheating: the fan in addition to conveying the heat directly on the neck of the bottle does not allow overheating of the capper.


 Capsulatore banco 400x400Phon BASE


Features version with stainless steel base:

  • Equipped with security gate around the coil
  • Slide allowing placement and removal with ease bottles
  • Power supply 220 V


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