Fruit crusher equipped with a knives-set which enables to make an excellent job of crushing and pressing in short time and without effort. Grate and knives are removable and can be replaced with a grape stirrer. Available in box.

Baby frutta 400x400




AISI 304 stainless steel crusher MINI FRUTTA with nylon rollers provided with stainless steel knives. It is supplied in a box.

Minifrutta 400x400 

 minifrutta rulli 400x400  Mini Frutta rollers detail



  Baby Frutta Mini Frutta
Functioning manuale manuale
Rollers Ø 95 - L. 220 mm Ø 95 - L. 180 mm
Loading hopper
520x620 mm 400x450 mm
Dimensions 1200x560x400 mm 730x450x310 mm
Box dimensions
660x580x410 mm 740x500x320 mm
Weight Kg 16 Kg 13

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